At VisualCue Technologies™, simplicity is key when it comes to visualizing your data. We take that data, and we make it speak to you through simple but powerful visuals. No analyst needed here.
Our TECHNOLOGY Works For You
With the VisualCue technology, you are the one in control. It doesnt matter what industry, or what role, we make it simple for you to understand your data, and your business. By using the human brain's ability to capture, process, and understand pictures, VisualCue harnesses the natural ability of representing data with pictures.
PICTURES Tell Stories
It's a simple concept that has been around since cave painting. It's one of the first things children do to tell a story... much earlier than reading and writing.
Pictures are a universal language. The CEO, managers, technicians, and your customers all speak this language. Ever wished you could post a report and have everyone in the company read it and understand it? Not only does the VisualCue technology promote transparency within the organization, but it also gives employees clear expectations.
The TILE Brings the Story to Life
The VisualCue Tile™ displays huge amounts of data through its ability to mash-up multiple data sets into a single element. Dynamic icons represent the Key Performance Indicators for the subject being monitored or analyzed.

We understand that every company is unique, and needs vary based on the industry, market, location etc. Upon purchasing our system, your company has access to our huge Tile Library, and in addition, we provide simple tools for you to create, and modify your own.
The MOSAIC Brings it All Together
By displaying the Tiles in a grid format, users can spot patterns, trends, and anomalies almost immediately. In operational environments, this immediate understanding gives companies a huge advantage over companies using super slow reporting techniques.

Once the tiles are displayed in the Mosiac, the user has complete control of how the tiles are displayed. By sorting, filtering, or grouping the tiles, the user can pull out additional clues that were not immediately apparent.
INTUITIVE and Customizable
Much like the VisualCue Technology itself, the software product offers an intuitive user experience. A clean and simple user interface and displays the tools needed and nothing more. If you're looking for a software product with a thousand buttons in a 3 tier, nested toolbar... VisualCue is not for you.

The Mosaic Builder gives users the ability to:
  1. Connect to their data
  2. Choose a Tile (existing or custom)
  3. Define tile actions.
These are all complex features that would ususally require a developer's skillset, but the Mosaic Builder provides a very simple "wizard" approach that holds the user's hand every step of the way.
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